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Was There a Post You Really Liked?

Here I am asking once again for some help please. Don’t worry this isn’t a dodgy email to say I am stuck in Puerto Rica, bound and gagged in a hotel room needing you to send £1 million to my PayPal account. It is easier than that. You might remember that last year I went […]

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Hi If you get this post in your inbox could you please just email me at justbecauseilove@yahoo.co.uk Many thanks. Nat

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country kids

Country Kids

If you aren’t a blogger, you might not know about ‘linkys’ but they are a great way to et involved with the blogging community and they do what it says on the tin – lets you link up. You may have noticed that each week I have a post for Silent Sunday. This is from Jay […]





Win an Ella’s Kitchen Baking Book

There is something undeniably special about the great British breakfast and the length and breadth of Britain, we have our own way of doing things. For some it’s the inclusion of black pudding for others it’s a light breakfast of poached eggs and crispy bacon bits on top of a delicious toasted muffin and for […]

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Happy  This week we have been on holiday and it has been lovely. Maybe even the nicest break we have had as a family. No busy airport of long flight. No currency to change. No factor 50 or sun hats. No fancy, five-star hotel with six pools and bars. We came to Camber Sands in […]

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