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Why I love the Carrera Subway 1 Women’s Hybrid 2015

When my brand new bike was stolen, from our garage, I was gutted. The only silver lining to the nasty incident was that Halford’s stepping in and send me a  Carrera Subway 1 Women’s Hybrid 2015 to try out. I love it.  Whilst I am a road cyclist at heart, this sleek, stylish bike offers you the […]

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Yes, me again on my DDH awareness raising (soap) box. This week is Healthy Hips Week and is aimed at ensuring parents know how to check their baby’s hips to ensure they are OK and they don’t have Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips (DDH). DDH is a condition which in the simplest of terms is where […]

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Heidi Boon Rickard is walking on the run

Heidi Boon Rickard is a busy mum to three who not only has the demands of primary and secondary school life to deal with but she is also a Green Badge Guide and the Owner of Walking Tours of Oxford. She’s a busy lady that’s for sure, but she recently had time to talk to me about […]


Win Elle Macpherson beauty prizes for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day only a couple of weeks ago I have a couple of lovely competitions coming up to celebrate that someone special in your life. Mums are so many things to so many people but they are superstars to everyone and sometimes they need to know that. Today you can win not one, not […]


Tamzin Outhwaite talks cherries on JBIL

Tamzin Outhwaite is on JBIL today talking about life, living well, cherry juice and being a mum on the run. How do you start your day? My kids wake at 6am and that’s always a really lovely time with them. Often, I will put on some music and the three of us will dance around the […]


Parents worry about online bullying

One minute I have a baby and a toddler and the next we are deciding what parties to hold for a six and eight year old, how did that happen? You go through the sleepless nights, nappies and teething only to have to dodge plates flying and arms flaying as you hit the terrible twos and then […]


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