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We Need to Talk About Miscarriage

As I progress through parenthood, increasingly I meet woman, and men, who have been affected by miscarriage,  a sensitive subject and one that, to a degree, is still taboo. As part of my ongoing ‘We Need to Talk About’ series, today I am featuring The Miscarriage Association which was set up in 1982 for the simple reason […]

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In the morning I simply cannot go out of the house without clean hair, minty breath, my boys and mascara on my lashes. The think with mascara is that I have never found one that does it all. I want lashes that are long and think, good coverage, flutterbility, clump free, waterproof and with no […]

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School’s Out For Summer

Yes, finally, the bell has rang for one last time and we have six blissful weeks with no school run (well march next door), no packed lunches to make, PE bags to pack, learning logs to complete or matching socks and shoes to find. I LOVE the holidays and this summer I am not working […]


True Friends – A Poem By Me

True Friends By  Me  Friendship is one of our greatest treasures Someone to share life’s joys and pleasures Friends make you laugh and cry And with good friends you don’t have try They love for you and nothing more They love whether you are rich or poor Together you have fun and celebrate They forgive you […]

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Top Ten Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Mum

When you are a twenty something nursing a hangover in Starbucks on Sunday and there’s a plethora of kids running and screaming around the place, you tut, sigh and think ‘I will never let my kids do that’. There were also the times you saw babies in pubs, mums with no make up and messy […]


Sarah Lindley Is On The Run

Sarah Lindley has a son Andrew who is 9 and is a brilliant registered childminder. She works with her mum in Buckinghamshire and having known her for several years I know she is a pretty amazing person who really cares for the children she looks after.   Today Sarah is my mum on the run and […]


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