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Back to school with the Works for less than £10

Back to school for less than £10 for two kids? Yes you can with The Works. I don’t know how much you know about this company but it is a handy little shop that is perfect for stationery, craft items, books, toys and so much more. I often use it during the intense birthday party […]

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How To Make Tooth Brushing Fun

Teaching your child the importance of good oral hygiene can be challenging at the best of times. Incorporating fun into their daily routine can make it seem like less of a chore and more of a game. Here are just a few digital games that can encourage them to take care of their teeth. Disney […]

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1.John 41 BW

Feel great the John Tsagaris way

Are you just back from your summer holiday and over-indulged a little bit too much?  John Tsagaris, a renowned wellbeing and Chinese Medicine practitioner shares with ‘Just Because I Love’ his top tips for healthy weight loss and generally feeling great.  Chinese Medicine dates back to thousands of years and people are turning to traditional […]

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The truth about semi permanent make up from Lorena Oberg

Lorena is CEO & Founder of Lorena Oberg Skincare with clinics in Harley Street & Caterham (Surrey) and today has some great tips for anyone thinking of having semi permanent make-up that should help any mistakes, mistakes she often has to put right.  Don’t buy semi permanent make up from a Daily Deal website.  SPMU is expensive […]


Never cheat on your diet again

We all know how tempting a ‘cheat day’ can be when we’re on a diet that is pushing our willpower to breaking point. But cheating once a week can quickly slide into cheating everyday of the week if we’re not careful. Thankfully it’s possible to stop cheating on our diet and start enjoying our food […]



Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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