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Keep Calm and Get Some Manners

I was in the queue at Starbucks this morning and the slightly gruff, sweaty man in front of me started kicking off because his super charged, double choc, tripple cream mocha didn’t have the extra shot he had so ‘politely’ requested when he made his order. He had stood and watched as his drink was […]

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Get Crafty This Summer

I am not a messy play kind of mum. There we go, I have admitted it. Sensory games with sand and water all over the kitchen floor is not my idea of fun however, that doesn’t mean we don’t do lots of other creative stuff at home. We have an arts and crafts box. We […]

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The Fading Light – By Me

The Fading Light  By Me  A little girl lost and alone The lights were on but no one was home Just 11 when her mummy passed away Her heart kept breaking, night and day Caught up in grief and a media rampage It was all too much for someone her age Her need to rebel was heavy and strong […]


Top Tips for Children’s Eyecare

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) know about all things related to eyes and what they don’t know about pupils, corneas and contacts,well……… If you are you worried about your eyes, those of a family member, have never had an eye test or are simply looking for advice on how to get the best eye-care […]


Win a JML – PediSpin

Schools out so I am giving the mums on a run a well deserved break for the next six weeks and instead running a competition every Monday until the kids go back to class. To kick things off I have a JML – PediSpin (RRP: £14.99) up for grabs. From the makers of Ped Egg […]





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