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Total Women’s Cycling

Sometimes you have a dream you keep going for and this is mine; two features published on one day: Back in the saddle  Cycling makes me a better mum Thank you Sharon and Kate. x

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JBIL Tiffany Rose

I read a friend’s Facebook post the other day and really felt for her as someone had taken it upon themselves to tell her how massive she looked. No she hadn’t been over doing the burgers and chocolate, she is pregnant. It always amazed me when I was having both of my sons how people […]

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JBIL Cloud 9 Skin Solutions

With the pace and time pressures of modern life, consumers need reliable products that make a genuine impact and deliver results, especially when it comes to more specific skin problems and this is at the ethos of Cloud 9 Skin Solutions,  a new British brand. Launching with an initial range of five stand-out products, the […]


Custom Cookie Co Halloween Competition

Love it or hate it, Halloween is just around the corner and unless you live in the middle of nowhere, the kids are bound to come a knocking and play trick or treat. For those of you looking for something a little bit special for little visitors, or to enjoy yourself, I have a super […]


Top Ten Memory Blanks

The research by Bupa Dementia Care has shown that we are quite a forgetful bunch with two-thirds (63%) of adults suffering from ‘embarrassing’ memory blots three or more times a week. Those moments, when you  can’t find your key or remember why you stepped into a room, are happening to over a quarter (27%) of […]


#My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo The great thing about living so close to school (six doors away) is that I can pop in easily and help with things like forest school. As well as being out in the fresh air, I get to spend time with the boys and their new teachers and get to know their […]


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